Management Structure of the Organization:

CWF has a well written constitution, duly approved by its general committee. In the constitution, there are two legal bodies that ensure good governance as well as smooth operation of the organization’s day to day proceedings. These two bodies are as follow:

  • General Committee (GC)
  • Executive Committee (EC)
  • General Committee: The General Committee of CWF is consisted of 35 members. The GC elects an Executive Committee and review operational and financial achievements. It also approves the organizational programs and budgets during the annual meeting. The members of the GC meet once a year and has the right to call an extra ordinary meeting at any time if crisis occur. In fact, the organization is governed according to the decisions made by the GC.
  • Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is the highest policy making body of CWF, consists of 07 members. The General Secretary of CWF will act as the Executive Director as approved in the constitution and responsible for smooth operation of the organization. The Executive Director is responsible to the EC as well as GC.  CWF is mainly a female headed organization which is reflected in the EC members’ composition where 100% members are female.

The Executive Body of the Organization:

SL #NamePositionProfessionGender
 Sanjida RumaPresidentSocial WorkerFemale
 Adv. Popy BanerjeeVice PresidentAdvocateFemale
 Hosne Ara BegumExecutive DirectorSocial WorkerFemale
 DitiTreasurerSocial WorkerFemale
 Rekha KhatunExecutive MemberSocial WorkerFemale
 Lucky AktherExecutive MemberSocial WorkerFemale
 Rakhy KhatunExecutive MemberSocial WorkerFemale