• Centre for Adult Education: Yet, if education is the key to development, they need one. CWF has developed an in-house methodology for these children to give them elementary education and a basis for planning a more secure future. It shall begin with remedial teachings at various Non-Formal Educational centers (NFE) and if the child is willing and able, provide for return to school system CWF caters to these children irrespective of caste, religion or gender.
  • Center for Street Children: The numbers of children pay their labor for surviving as well as support their family those are come from so poor family and or child. Generally they are exploited by the employer as well as fall into different violence. Thus there is a need to cater to this group through opening up of Centers which will offer professional help as per child act.
  • Establish Chemical Free Agriculture Production Farm: Health care has always been an area of concern. Services are negligible or non-existent in publicly run agricultural production. CWF thus plans to establish its own agri. farm to provide timely and quality healthy food to people and take care and support public health.

 Membership with International/National/ Regional Networks and Alliance

Sl. NoName of the Networks/Alliances/PlatformsLevel of InvolvementDuration
 HIV/TB ( Tuberculosis) NetworkMember2 years
 GO/NGO NetworkMember18 years
 District AIDS Committee, KhulnaMember10 years
 ERAS Network (Agriculture)Member5 years
 TABINAJ NetworkMember2 years
 CWF Women Youth ForumFounder Member2 years
 Network  for Climate Resilient in Bangladesh (NCRB)Member3 years
 Bangladesh Manobadhikar Bastobayon Sangstha (BMBS)Member5 years
 Upakul Bachao AnodolonMember4 years
 Nirapad Swarak Chai (NISCHA)Member6 years
 Nagorik Forum (NF)Member4 years
 Bangladesh Country Coordinating Mechanism (BCCM)Member3 years
 STI/AIDS Network of BangladeshMember10 years
 Shishu o Nari Pachar Protirodh Advocacy/Pressure Group at KhulnaMember2 years
 Member of Blast Network Committee at KhulnaMember5 years
 Network for Information, Response and Preparedness activities on Disaster (NIRAPAD)Member4 years
 United Nations Volunteer (UNV)Member3 years
 CSO Alliance of BangladeshMember1 year
 International network of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights SRHR practitioners, professionals, researchers, advocates, and allies (Share-Net)Member1 year


Since it’s commencing CWF has been working for establishment of an environment-friendly society for the underprivileged groups. It has been growing gradually taking up many multidimensional activities. Its commitments towards the change of the status of the disadvantaged people and the collective efforts of its dedicated work force and all sorts of cooperation from National and International network organizations enabled the organization to advance for an outstanding success. If this trend is continued unhindered, it is certain that CWF will be able to reach its destination with pride and success.

Last but not the least, CWF dreams to be recognized as an organization committed to ensure dignified life for every single entity. We dream of a world full of potentials and prospects, where exists compassion and fellow-feeling for one another. We dream to be part of an unfailing struggle for achieving social justice for all. CWF believes in the candid catchphrase “All the human beings possess the right to survive with proper respect and dignity”.